4 Easy to Wear Workout Alternatives to Classic Animal Prints and Camouflage

Late Winter in my Garden

I can't believe spring is almost here. It feels like New Years was just last week. This morning in the garden for the first time since last fall I saw streaks of light falling across the main bed of my garden. It's the early morning sun coming though the trees. The way our house is situated our garden gets no direct sunlight from November through February but gradually returns through the month of March. Every year it wakes something in my heart when I see this.


How are your New Year's resolutions coming along?

Maybe it's cliche but I made a new year's resolution to get back into working out. It was a slow start for me, but I have actually gotten back into the swing of things. At the beginning of the pandemic I was so good about working out - doing my kung fu and boxing workouts at home. I am a big martial arts fan and it was close to the height of my obsession. I never thought it possible that I would feel uninspired to do a boxing workout. But it happened gradually over the the course of 2021. I was a couch potato for the last half of last year. I started having a lot of lower back pain. But it feels good to say that after just a few weeks of doing lots of core strengthening and cardio workouts my back pain is pretty much gone. And I have actually gotten a lot of use out of some of my own leggings that I designed.


Design Inspiration for My Floral Takes on Animal Prints and Camouflage

I like my basic solid black leggings. They are work well and go with everything. But I'm always on the lookout for activewear that adds a little color or texture or personality. It's rare that I find what I want. So when designing prints for workout wear, I'm trying to create the kind of prints I want to wear. I like prints that  have some kind of feminine or floral element, but it can't be too flowery. I want to look sporty but still have personality. Sometimes I just want some low contrast texture. Sometimes I want something bright and eye catching. And sometimes I just want a little detail for added personality. My designs range from high contrast, low contrast, big, bold, soft, textural and sporty.

My eye tends to gravitate towards animal prints and camouflage. I like the texture and personality. But when I try it on it just doesn't feel like me. I didn't consciously plan it, but the following designs are a twist on on these classic prints - animal prints and camouflage with a floral twist. I guess it happened just because these are the kind of things I like to draw.



See the Workout Collection

Low contrast, deep color. Gently scattered fern fronds on a large scale, create low key  visual interest. The delicate spotty leaves remind me a little of leopard print. The deep low contrast colorway gives the design a sophisticated edge.



See the Workout Collection

An allover medium scale design in a variety of colorways that has a little bit of a snakeskin vibe with it's repetitive shapes and gentle color variations. I was going for an eye-catching edgy look that isn't too loud.



See the Workout Collection

Low contrast, small scale, all over texture. Layers of roses and baby's breath mingle to create a pretty take on camouflage. This is one of those prints that really easy to wear especially for people who are a little hesitant to wear prints. Because of the small scale textural properties, you can wear these with pretty much any basic top without having to think too hard about making things match.


See the Workout Collection

Bold garden vines intermingle with delicate roses in this high contrast all over print that reminds me of zebra print. It's a fun print for when your feeling a little bit wild and edgy. The small scale keeps it from being not too loud.



Custom Design Requests

Do you see any of my designs that you like but wish it was a little more this or a little more that? Or came in a different color or on a different product. Just contact me to discuss. I am happy to tweak existing designs or even create new ones from scratch.


4 Easy to Wear Workout Alternatives to Classic Animal Prints and Camouflage